Man pages for fvafrCU/packager
Helps Me Build Packages

add_github_url_to_descAdd a github URL to File DESCRIPTION
check_codetagsCheck for Code Tags
check_cyclomatic_complexityCheck Cyclomatic Complexity
check_newsCheck for Being Up to Date
createCreate a Package Template
get_optionsGet options For Packages
git_add_commitGit Add All Changes and Commit
git_tagCreate a Git Tag Based on the Current Version Number
infectAdjust a Package
packager-packageHelps Me Build Packages
print_lintsPrint Lints by Name Suffix
provide_cran_commentsProvide a Template for Your Comments To CRAN
provide_makeProvide File 'make.R'
provide_make_listProvide a Makelist Suitable for Packages with 'packager'.
releaseRelease a Package to CRAN
set_optionsSet Options For Packages
set_package_infoSet a Package's Info
throwThrow a Condition
use_bsd2clause_licenseUse the BSD-2-Clause License
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