Man pages for gchlapinski/EternityII
EternityII Puzzle

bruteForceBrute force type algotithm to solve the puzzle game.
changePathChanges path of solving puzzle.
checkBorderKindCheck type of the board field.
checkEdgesChecks if edges of new pieces are available.
checkFieldTypeCheck type of the board field.
createPatternCreate pattern of possible move.
EternityIIEternityII: A brute force type algorithm trying solve this...
findMovesFinds possible moves (also checks rotations).
helloHello, World!
initInitiate or restore the puzzle game - EternityII.
init25Initiate or restore the test puzzle game.
init36Initiate or restore the clue 1 puzzle game.
initRotationInitial rotation of restored 'pieces'.
makeMoveMakes move forward if possible. Undo previous move if there...
matchPatternChecks if piece matches the pattern.
pieces2525 puzzle pieces (test version).
pieces256256 puzzle pieces.
pieces3636 puzzle pieces (clue 1).
pieces7272 puzzle pieces (clue 2).
showBoardShow board.
showPathShow path.
showPieceShow piece (3x3).
showPiecePNGShow piece (png).
turnBorderTurn border piece to match proper edge of the border.
turnBorderDownTurn border piece down (D=0).
turnBorderLeftTurn border piece left (L=0).
turnBorderRightTurn border piece right (R=0).
turnBorderUpTurn border piece up (U=0).
turnCornerTurn corner piece to match proper corner of the border.
turnPiece180Turn piece by 180 degree.
turnPiece270Turn piece by 270 degree.
turnPiece90Turn piece by 90 degree.
updateEdgesUpdates available edges counters.
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