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This repository is home for the package Rdice.

How to install the package.

The package is available on CRAN and the current released version is 1.0.0.

What does the package do?

The package contains a collection of functions to simulate dice rolls and the like, as well as combinatorical and best choice problems. In particular, experiments and exercises can be performed looking at combinations and permutations of values in dice rolls and coin flips, together with the corresponding frequencies of occurrences. When applying each function, the user has to input the number of times (rolls, flips) to toss the dice.

Moreover, the package provides functions to generate non-transitive sets of dice (like Efron's) and to check whether a given set of dice is non-transitive with given probability.

Bug report

If you find misbehaviours or errors please do not hesitate to open an issue and report it the corresponding GitHub page - or to directly contact me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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