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Satellite Image Time Series Analysis

createColRowSequenceGet unique SciDB columns and rows indexes
createZooObjectCreate an indexed ordered obsevartion set within a...
describeAlgorithmReturns a description of a queried algorithm contained in...
executeAlgorithmReturns the status of a processing algorithm
exitConnectionExit a connection from SciDB chunk processing.
getServerURLReturns the WTSPS object's server URL
listAlgorithmsReturns a list of algorithms contained in WTSPS
setServerURLSet WTSPS object's server URL
sits_accuracyPost-classification accuracy assessment of classified maps...
sits_accuracy_areaArea-weighted post-classification accuracy assessment of...
sits_alignAligns dates of time series to a reference date
sits_applyApply a function over SITS bands.
sits_bandsreturns the names of the bands of a time series
sits_clusterCluster a set of satellite image time series
sits_cluster_separabilitycompare clusters against original labels and computes a...
sits_coverageWTSSProvides information about one coverage of the WTSS service
sits_create_partitionsCreate partitions of a data set
sits_crossCross join bands of two satellite image time series
sits_cross_validateCross-validate temporal patterns
sits_datesReturn the dates of a sits table
sits_envelopeEnvelope filter
sits_getcovWTSSObtain information about one coverage of the WTSS service
sits_getdataObtain timeSeries from different sources
sits_group_bylatlongGroup different time series for the same lat/long coordinate
sits_infoWTSSProvides information about WTSS service
sits_initInitialization commands for SITS package
sits_interpInerpolation function of sits_table's time series
sits_labelsreturns the labels' count of a sits table
sits_labels_sampleSample a percentage of a time series
sits_lag_diffLagged differences of a SITS band.
sits_last_clusterLast cluster object
sits_linear_interpInerpolation function of sits_table's time series
sits_mergeMerge two satellite image time series
sits_missing_valuesRemove missing values
sits_mutateAdd new SITS bands.
sits_patternsCreate time series patterns for classification
sits_patterns_gamCreate temporal patterns using a generalised additive model...
sits_plotPlot a set of time series
sits_plot_dendrogramPlot a dendrogram
sits_plot_titleCreate a plot title to use with ggplot
sits_prunePrunes dates of time series to fit an interval
sits_reassessreassess classification results
sits_relabelrelabels a sits tibble
sits_relabel_convcreates a conversion identity list for sits_relabel
sits_renameRename bands of a sits table
sits_saveSave the contents of a SITS table in a JSON file
sits_selectFilter bands on a SITS table
sits_separability_experimentsDo a set of separability experiments based on a cross...
sits_separability_measurecomputes a separability measure from a clusterized SITS table...
sits_sgolaySmooth the time series using Savitsky-Golay filter (based on...
sits_significant_labelsGet the significant labeled time series among all others...
sits_smoothSmooth the time series using Whittaker smoother (based on PTW...
sits_tableCreate a sits table to store the time series information
sits_table_resultCreate a sits table to store the result of TWDTW...
sits_test_patternsEvaluates the accuracy of a set of patterns
sits_toJSONSave data in a JSON file
sits_transmuteAdd new SITS bands and drops existing.
sits_TWDTW_classifyClassify a sits tibble using the matches found by the TWDTW...
sits_TWDTW_matchesFind matches between a set of SITS patterns and segments of...
sits_valuesReturn the values of a given SITS table as a list of matrices...
sits_whittakerSmooth the time series using Whittaker smoother (based on PTW...
statusProcessingReturns the status of a processing algorithm
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