Man pages for glennSanders/fourStrokeSim
Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Simulation

clearance_volumeCalculate the Clearance Volume
comp_ratio_theoreticalCalculate the Theoretical Compression Ratio
conrod_angleCalculate the Connecting Rod Angle of Obliquity
manifold_area_ratioCalculate the Manifold to Port Area ratios (C)
piston_heightCalculate the Height of the Piston based on crank angle
port_aperture_areaCalculate the Minimum Port Aperture Area (A_pt)
specific_liftCalculate the Specific Lift
swept_volumeCalculate the Swept Volume of a Cylinder
total_swept_volumeCalculate the Total Swept Volume of an Engine
valve_curtain_areaCalculate the Valve Curtain Area (A_t)
valve_lift_limitCalculate the Valve Lift Limit (Valve Curtain Area...
valve_profileCreate a valve lift profile
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