#' Calculate geometric means of an xts series of returns.
#' @param returns_xts An xts object whose values are period-over-period returns
#' observed for the assets specified by the identifiers in the column names.
#' Returns are NOT assumed to be in 'percent form': i.e., make sure that in 
#' whatever xts is passed as \code{returns_xts}, a return of \emph{12\%} is 
#' represented as \emph{0.12}.
#' @return a numeric vector whose values are the geometric means of the returns
#' in \code{returns_xts} and whose names are the identifiers for which each 
#' geometric mean return was calculated.
#' @export
gmrr <- function(returns_xts){
    X = returns_xts + 1, 
    MARGIN = 2, 
    FUN = prod,
    na.rm = TRUE
  )^(1/nrow(returns_xts)) - 1
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