Man pages for hdirector/IceCastV2
Apply Statistical Post-Processing to Improve Sea Ice Predictions

allRegionsPolygon of all regions
anyIntersectCheck if a line has intersecting segments
bgWaterPolygon of the non-regional ocean
checkIntersectCheck if line segments intersect
contourShiftApply contour-shifting to bias correct
convToGridConvert 'SpatialPolygons' object to a grid
createMappingMap a set of observations and predictions
currSecExCoordinates of a line segment with self-intersections
discrepDiscrepancy maps for February 1981-2011
emFeb19811982Ensemble mean sea ice concentration for February 1981-1982...
emFeb2012Ensemble mean sea ice concentration for February 2012...
extractCoordsFunction to extract coordinates.
findHolesFind holes in a polygon
getAreaCalculate geodesic area
getCoordsExtract coordinates from a spatial object of lines and points
getDistFind euclidean distance
getIndFind indices in matrix
getInitMonthGet initialization month
getMapMap one observation or prediction
getRegionGet polygons corresponding to regions
interExExample of a line that contains self-intersections
intLineSpace points along a line
keepLineKeep only spatial lines
keepPolyKeep only spatial polygons
landPolygon of land
landMatBinary matrix indicating where there is land
makePolygonsCreate polygon from mapped points
mappedPointsExample of mapped points
mapxyGet geodetic latitudes and longitudes
obsFeb19811982Observed sea ice February 1981-1982
obsFeb2012Observed sea ice February 2012
obsLExCoordinates of an observed line segment
predLExCoordinates of a predicted line segment
quickRunSimple evaluation of contour-shifting
readBootstrapRead individual bootstrap binary file
readMonthlyBSRead in a set of bootstrap observations over a set of year
regionInfoInformation on the regions
rmHolesRemove holes in a polygon
spatialCollExSpatial collection example
untwistRemove self-intersections
untwistSecRemove self-intersections from one section of a contour
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