Man pages for hexhead/privateEC
Privacy Preserving Evaporative Cooling Feature Selection and Classification with Relief-F and Random Forests

compileResultsCompile the results of a simulation + classifier methods run
createInteractionsCreate a differentially coexpressed data set with...
createMainEffectsCreate a simulated data set with main effects
createSimulationCreate a data simulation and return train/holdout/validation...
epistasisRankCompute and return epistasis rank scores
getImportanceScoresCompute and return importance scores (Relief-F scores)
originalThresholdoutOriginal Thresholdout algorithm
paperRealWorkflowRuns the four comparison algorithms on the passed correlation...
paperSimWorkflowWorkflow for running one simulation of the Bioinformatics...
privateECPrivate Evaporative Cooling feature selection and...
privateRFPrivate random forests algorithm
rsfMRIcorrMDDAn MRI data set used used in the paper referenced below.
splitDatasetSplit a data set for machine learning classification
standardRFStandard random forests algorithm serves as a baseline model
xgboostRFxgboost random forests algorithm
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