Man pages for hlbontrager/AccessUSGS
Create & Manipulate Catch, LW, and Effort Files

accessBioCreate Catch and LW files from Access data
accessEffortAccess Effort data in Access
accessSecchiaccess Access's secchi data
autoCommentCorrectionAutocorrect LW file for recognized comments
calculateCatchCalculate & fill in the Catch dataframe
calculateEffortCalculate extra effort columns
changeCutOffManually change age cutoff in size table
checkHectarecheck calculated Hectare values for outliers
commentsEffortview comments associated with Effort dataframe
commentsLWview comments associated with LW file
correctingDataCManually correct data in Catch dataframe
correctingDataEManually correct data in Effort
correctingDataLWManually correct LW dataframe
createCPHcreate CPH file for your data
emptyLWremove rows with empty tl and wt values
emptyShipsLogcreate an empty excel file to put ship's data in
excelSizeTableEmptycreate an age class table in excel to be filled in with age...
fillODNRfill the size table with ODNR 2013 data
histogramsCreate and save length histograms
missingAggregatescheck for missing aggregates and add them to Catch if they...
outlierChangeModify data containing outliers
petitPoissonEstimate plausible weight for small fish
plotsplot and save length weight data for each species
remove999Catchremove test 999 from catch data frame
remove999Effortremove test 999 from effort dataframe
remove999LWremove test 999 from LW dataframe
shipsDatainput data from excel containing the written ship's log
sizeCutoffsgenerate dataframe containing size cutoffs
summaryCheckBetsy's code
switchedSerialsSwitches serials if wrong serial was entered
trackChangesMark any changes to initial data using excel
viewOutlierView data collected about an outlier fish.
wrongSerialReplace an incorrect Serial number
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