Man pages for hojsgaard/gRbase
A Package for Graphical Modelling in R

all-pairsCreate all possible pairs
all-subsetsCreate all subsets
array-algebraArray algebra
array-apiInterface - operations on multidimensional arrays.
array-cellTable cell operations.
array-createCreate multidimensional arrays
array-dimnamesCheck compatibility of dimnames
array-distributionMarginalize and condition in multidimensional array.
array-normalizeNormalize an array
array-operationsOperations on multidimensional arrays.
array-operations-07Array operations (2007)
arraypack-internalInternal arraypack functions
array-parrayRepresentation of and operations on multidimensional arrays
array-propertiesCheck if object is array
array-simulateSimulate data from array.
array-sliceArray slices
combnPrimGenerate All Combinations of n Elements Taken m at a Time
compareModelsGeneric function for model comparison
cov2pcorPartial correlation (matrix)
data-ashtreesCrown dieback in ash trees
data-BodyFatBody Fat Data
data-breastcancerGene expression signatures for p53 mutation status in 250...
data-cadCoronary artery disease data
data-carcassLean meat contents of 344 pig carcasses
data-chestSimSimulated data from the Chest Clinic example
data-dietoxGrowth curves of pigs in a 3x3 factorial experiment
data-dumpingGastric Dumping
data-lizardLizard behaviour
data-mathmarkMathematics marks for students
data-mildewMildew fungus
data-milkcompMilk composition data
data-NutrimouseThe Nutrimouse Dataset
data-ratsWeightloss of rats
data-reinisRisk factors for coronary heart disease.
data-wineChemical composition of wine
df2xtabsConvert dataframe to contingency table
downstream-aliasesDownstream aliases
graph-cliquesGet cliques of an undirected graph
graph-coerceGraph coercion
graph-coerce-apiAPI for coercing graph representations
graph-coerce-listCoercion of graphs represented as lists
graph-coerce-miscGraph, matrix and generating class coercions
graph-createCreate undirected and directed graphs
graph-edgeListFind edges in a graph and edges not in a graph.
graph-gcpropertiesProperties of a generating class (for defining a graph)
graph-iplotFunction for plotting graphs using the 'igraph' package.
graph-isCheck properties of graphs.
graph-mcsMaximum cardinality search on undirected graph.
graph-minimaltriangMinimal triangulation of an undirected graph
graph-moralizeMoralize a directed acyclic graph
graph-mpdMaximal prime subgraph decomposition
graph-queryQuery a graph
graph-randomdagRandom directed acyclic graph
graph-ripCreate RIP ordering of the cliques of an undirected graph;...
graph-toposortTopological sort of vertices in directed acyclic graph
graph-triangTriangulation of an undirected graph
graph-triangulateTriangulation of an undirected graph
graph-ug2dagCoerce between undirected and directed graphs when possible
graph-vparList of vertices and their parents for graph.
gRbaseThe package 'gRbase': summary information
gRbase-genericsCompile and propagate functions
gRbase-internalInternal gRbase functions
gRbase-utilitiesgRbase utilities
internalInternal Rcpp functions
removeRedundantSet operations
ZOLD-gmDataOld: Class "gmData" graphical meta data
ZOLD-gModelOld: Class "gModel" - graphical models
ZOLD-gRfitOld: Class "gRfit" - fitted graphical models
ZOLD-hllmOld: Hierarchical log-linear models
ZOLD-validVarTypesOld: Admissible variable types in gmData objects
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