Man pages for hongyingsun1101/KEYBOARD
A Bayesian Interval Design for Phase I/II Clinical Trials

example.kbIllustration of the keyboard design (single-agent)
get.boundary.comb.kbDose escalation and de-escalation boundaries for...
get.boundary.kbDose escalation and de-escalation boundaries for single-agent...
get.decision.obd.kbThis function generates decision table
get.oc.comb.kbOperating characteristics for drug-combination trials
get.oc.kbOperating characteristics for single-agent trials
get.oc.obd.kbGenerate operating characteristics
next.comb.kbFind the next dose combination
plot.kbPlot objects generated by the keyboard design package
select.mtd.comb.kbMaximum tolerated dose (MTD) selection for drug-combination...
select.mtd.kbMaximum tolerated dose (MTD) selection for single-agent...
select.obd.kbSelect optimal biological dose (OBD)
summary.kbSummarize objects generated by the keyboard design package
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