Man pages for howardycfer/cferutil
A compilation of utility functions

clearScreenClear screen in R console
countEmptyElementsCount the number of empty elemnts in vector x
defaultPlotThemeA default plot theme
dropNADrop NA in a vector
factorcCombine a list of factors with levels given in specified...
findColumnNamesFind strings or substrings in the column names of a data...
findElementsFind elements in vector who have the same index in vector a...
generateCombinationsGenerate unique combinations from a list of vectors
ggsaveRstudioExport ggplot figure to file
helloHello, World!
lastReturn the last element(s) of a vector
msgPrint message to stderr
readExcelRead from Excel clipboard
round_to_digitRound a numeric value to a given digit
round_to_effective_digitsRound a numeric value to a given number of effective digits
scientific_notationConvert a numeric value to scientific notation with a given...
timeitTime an expression run
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