Man pages for hsong1/PUlearning
What the package does (short line)

checkDesignMatrixCheck Design Matrix Columns for nObs<=thres
ClassificationResultCreate Classification result table
coefLUExtract model coefficients
coefscaleCoefficients corresponding to a standardized X
createCVDataCreate LU Cross Validation Data
createLUFoldsCreate LU folds
extractFeaturesExtract selected Features
extractPositionsExtract positions of selected features
GenFileNameGenerate indexed filename
genLambdaSequenceGenerate Lambda Sequence
GenListGenerate a single listed object from indexed files
GenLUSampleGenerate L/U sample
GenPNSampleGenerate P/N sample
GenSparseXGenerate Sparse Matrix X
IPSWeightsInverse probability sampling weight
L1Objective_wLogisticsL1 objective function of weighted logistic regression
LoadFilesLoad all indexed files in working directory
norm_vecVarious norms of vector
obsLoglikCalcualate observed log-likelihood for each of the...
ObsLogLik_wL1penaltyObserved log-likelihood function with L1 penalty
predict_logModel predictions
PUlearning-packageWhat the package does (short line)
reviseDesignMatrixMerge columns whose observations < cutoff
SparseLUSparse EM for PU data
SparseLU.XscaleStandardize augmented X matrix
summary.LUfitsSummary of LUfits
weightedXCalculate scaled X with scaled center
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