Man pages for ices-tools-prod/icesTAF
Functions to Support the ICES Transparent Assessment Framework

catage.longCatch at Age in Long Format
catage.tafCatch at Age in TAF Format
catage.xtabCatch at Age in Crosstab Format
cleanClean TAF Directories
cpCopy Files
depsList Dependencies
divDivide Columns
dos2unixConvert Line Endings
downloadDownload File in Binary Mode
flr2tafConvert FLR Table to TAF Format
icesTAF-packageFunctions to Support the ICES Transparent Assessment...
limAxis Limits
long2tafConvert Long Table to TAF Format
makeRun R Script If Needed
makeAllRun All TAF Scripts as Needed
makeTAFRun TAF Script If Needed
mkdirCreate Directory
msgShow Message
os.unixOS Family
plusRename Plus Group Column
read.tafRead TAF Table from File
rmdirRemove Empty Directory
rndRound Columns
sourceAllRun All TAF Scripts
sourceTAFRun TAF Script
summary.tafSummary Results in TAF Format
taf2longConvert TAF Table to Long Format
taf2xtabConvert TAF Table to Crosstab Format
taf.colorsTAF Colors
taf.libraryEnable TAF Library
taf.pngPNG Device
taf.skeletonTAF Skeleton
taf.unzipUnzip File
ttTAF Transpose
write.tafWrite TAF Table to File
xtab2tafConvert Crosstab Table to TAF Format
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