BigStream Control ,Storage and Virtual Repository Interface for R [updated 2018-06-22]

Package installation


Function Help


Example Code


host = "http://<>"
storage_name = ""
token = "--authentication token--"

bs.connect(host, token)

storage.list()                     # list all storages

stat <- storage.stat(storage_name) # count number of data in a particular storage ; named list data type

# field param default = data (meta+data) : field=c("data","id","meta","_data","_id","_meta")
# from / limit param api example
df <-, field="data", from=9, limit=10)
df <-, field="id", offset="010000000000000258107ea7", limit=10)
df <-, field="meta", last=10)
df <-, field="data", last=10, limit=10)

# return value as json 
# limit=NULL for getting all
json_df <-, field="data", last=10, limit=10, flatten=FALSE)

# get single object data
list1 <- storage.get(storage_name)  # return lastest data of given storage

# return data object 010000000000000258107ea7
list1 <- storage.get(storage_name,id="010000000000000258107ea7")

# return data index 1 (1st data in storage)
list1 <- storage.get(storage_name,index=1)

# return data by key defined ("_key":value search  )
list1 <- storage.get(storage_name,key="")

# get download file url (for special object eg. csv, binary or image object)
url <- storage.getFileUrl(storage_name,type="csv")

# append need api version 1.2 or above
storage.put(storage_name, df)

# same as storage.put but remove existing data on storage out first, df)

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