Man pages for ilopezcoto/wrfR
WRF post processing tools

basic.statsBasic statistical estimators
color.themesColor Themes
filled.contour2Plot color filled contours
filledContour2Plot color filled contours
getCONC4stExtract WRF data at one station location
getGRIDGet the WRF grid
getISDRetrieve the ISD data file
getWRF4stsConvert and extract WRF data at stations locations
getWRFcubeConvert WRF data to regular 3D cube (lon, lat, z)
getWRFnatcubeConvert WRF data to 3D cube (WRF_lon, WRF_lat, z)
getWRFprofileConvert and extract WRF vertical profiles at stations...
ISDstationsRetrieve ISD stations information
locWRFstLocalize stations indexes
p2slpPressure to Sea Level Pressure
qcWrite qc flag
readISDRead and reformat the ISD data file
slp2pSea Level Pressure to Pressure
vert.interpInterpolate to fixed z coordinates
VMVerification methods
wrf2d.rasterRasterize and Reproject 2D fields
wrf3d.brickRasterize and Reproject 3D fields
wrfRWRF post processing tools - README
write.matWrite fortran format
write_obsWrite observations to littleR format
xyz2rasterRasterize xyz data to a regular lat lon grid
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