Man pages for injuryepi/injuryepi
Miscellaneous functions for Injury Epi

add_cdc_drugsAdd selected drug overdose as defined by CDC using ICD-10
add_fatal_cdc_tbiAdd TBI as defined by CDC using ICD-10
add_ice_intent_mechAdd ICECI intent and mechanism of injury
add_intent_mech_icd9cmAdd intent and mechanism combined fields for injury ICD-9-CM.
add_new_diagCreate a new variable based on pattern in the argument expr
add_self_harm_9_10cmFinding Self-harm and suicide attempts
create_diagCreate a new variable based on pattern.
date_to_yearCalculate number of years between two dates
icd10cm18ICD-10-CM codes table and description v2018.
icd9cm_intent_mech_regexicd9 intent and mechanism.
icd9cm_intent_regexicd9 intent.
icd9cm_mech_regexicd9 mechanism.
ice_code10ICECI codes for ICD10.
ice_code9ICECI codes for ICD10.
onclipCopy to clipboard. A wrapper to write.table
tbi_icd9cmFind TBI based on ICD-9-CM. 800.00–801.99 Fracture of the...
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