Man pages for jasenfinch/HRfiemsWorkflow
Workflow for FIE-HRMS data analysis

classificationre-sampling based classification
correlations#' Annotation of explanatory FIE-HRMS m/z
extractAccurateMZExtract accrate m/z for 0.01 amu bins
extractExplanatoryFeaturesExtract accurate masses of explanatory binned data
featureSelectionre-sampling based feature selection
fs.rf2Random Forest feature selection method based on selection...
masterMixBuild mean intensity matrices of 5dp binned data by class.
preTreatData pre-treatment of spectrally binned FIE-HRMS data
spectralBinningSpectrally bin raw FIE-HRMS data
visualiseAnalysisA shiny application for the visualisation of HRfiemsWorkflow...
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