Man pages for jcookqualtrics/qconjoint
Conjoint Analysis Using Qualtrics Survey Data

analyze_fullFull analysis from survey data and project design to conjoint...
benchmarkingBenchmarking True vs. Estimated Utilities
binary_modelBuilding a Binary Model Matrix
build_masterBuild master data frame for Relative Values
calculate_metricsCalculating average utilities, feature importance, and level...
conjoint_reportPowerPoint Report of Conjoint Metrics
covariates_indexBuilding covariates index (rows and coloring for reporting)
createDesignListCreating a Design List
create_modelCreating a Model Matrix from the survey data and project...
dc_project_designDual-Choice Project Design
dc_survey_dataDual-Choice Survey Data
discordLevel Discord
dual_choiceCreating a Dual-Choice Model Matrix
estimate_utilitiesHierarchical Bayesian Estimation of individual level...
feature_matrixBuild a feature matrix
full_simulationFull Factorial Simulation
generate_designGenerating an Experimental Design
gg_analysisGabor-Granger Analysis
level_metricsLevel Metrics
level_preferenceBuild level preference data frame
model_dataModel Matrix
plot_averagePlot average utility
plot_featurePlot feature importance
plot_highlight_featureHighlighted feature importance plot
plot_levelPlot level preference
plot_relativePlot relative value of levels
pre_conjoint_simSimulation of data, benchmarking, and results for a conjoint...
pred_accuracyPredicting the accuracy of the estimated individual level...
preferenceLevel Preference
price_dataPrice Data
price_sensitivityPrice Sensitivity
probabilitiesLevel Probabilities
project_designProject Design
qconjointqconjoint: A package for Qualtrics Conjoint Analysis
relative_valueFull Relative Values plotting function
simulate_covariatesSimulating Covariates
simulate_survey_dataSimulating Survey Data
soft_launchValidating Soft-Launch Data
survey_dataSurvey Data
unduplicate_designUnduplicating a design
utilitiesIndividual-Level Utilities
utilities_noneIndividual Level Utilities including a NONE option
vw_analysisVan Westendorp Analysis
vw_survey_dataVan Westendorp Survey Data
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