plot_parameters: Plot the parameters for a simulation run

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Plots the parameters for a simulation in its own plotting window. This is normally used as a header page to describe the key parameters for a simulation. The function provides


plot_parameters(data, symbols = NA, nc = 8, main = "Run Parameters",
  symbol_title = "Asset Universe Size:", exclude_rows = NA)



Either a list of parameters, or a dataframe containing the run parameters to plot on the screen. If a list, each item should be named as the names correspond to the parameter name. If a dataframe, the row names should be the parameter names.


A character vector of the asset ticker symbols. This set of assets will be printed near the bottom of the screen in a matrix format of up to 8 columns and as many rows as needed. If omitted (NA), then nothing is printed.


The maximum number of columns to display the set of assets. Default is 8.


The main title at the top panel of the screen. If no title is desired, then set to an empty string "".


The title for the bottom panel where the asset symbols are shown.


A vector of row numbers or row names corresponding to the rows to exclude from showing in the top panel.

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