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Change this to do the following: - add $modelpar to the summary structure - add $ec for the equity curve xts - add $rets for the equity curve returns


wfo_summary(wfodata, modelpar = NA, rebal_offset = 0)



The data structure containing the walk-forward optimization information. It should be of the proper class to run the right underlying code generating the summary.


An object (usually a list) containing all the parameters to rebuild the model and generate wfodata. This is stored as item modelpar in the object returned.


The offset in days past the weight rebalance date and when the portfolio is balanced. Default is zero, which means the portfolio is rebalanced on the very next day after the weights date i.e. it include the next day's return, therefore the rebalance is done on the weight date closing prices.


Returns an appropriate data structure summarizing the WFO run under analysis. This normally includes an equity curve and, if a statfolio was provided, it would also include additional times series that quantifies the statistical properties of the set of equity curves resulting from the statfolio (details TBD).

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