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Data and Some Useful Function for "An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, 2nd edition by Alan Agresti"

accident_seatbelt1汽车事故与安全带1 (Auto Accidents and Seat Belts I)
accident_seatbelt2汽车事故与安全带2 (Auto Accidents and Seat Belts II)
accident_seatbelt3汽车事故与安全带3 (Auto Accidents and Seat Belts III)
afterlife1是否相信来世1 (Belief in Afterlife I)
afterlife2是否相信来世2 (Belief in Afterlife II)
AIDS_treatment对AIDS的处理方法 (Treatment of AIDS)
albumin控制蛋白质与死亡率 (Albumin Administering and Mortality)
alligators1短吻鳄食物选择1 (Alligator Food Choice I)
alligators2短吻鳄食物选择2 (Alligator Food Choice II)
aspirin阿司匹林与心脏病 (Aspirin and Heart Attacks)
athlete_graduate新生运动员毕业比例 (Graduation Rates of Freshman Athletes)
binom_inferenceBinomial Inference
binom_mid_pvalueBinomial Mid P-value
birth_control是否应该给青少年提供避孕方法 (Whether Methods of Birth...
blood_pressure心脏病与血压的关系 (Heart Disease and Blood Pressure)
cancer_remission癌症缓解 (Cancer Remission)
cdabookcodeData and Some Useful Function for "An Introduction to...
chip_imperfection晶片瑕疵 (Chip Imperfection)
cholesterolLDL胆固醇研究 (LDL Cholesterol Study)
creditcard收入与是否拥有旅行信用卡 (Relation Between Income and Whether...
credit_score信用评分 (Credit Score)
deathpenalty1死刑判决1 (Death Penalty I)
deathpenalty2死刑判决2 (Death Penalty II)
edu_aspiration高中生教育期望与家庭收入 (Educational Aspirations of High...
environmental_protection为了环保是否愿意付更高的税或降低生活质量 (Is It Willing to...
find_data_by_titleFind a dataset by dataset description title or dataset...
football_arrest足球联赛观赛人数与被捕人数 (Total Attendance and Total Number...
gender_party政党认同中的性别差异 (Gender Gap in Political Affiliation)
happiness1家庭收入与幸福感 (A Person’s Perceived Happiness with Their...
happiness2幸福与宗教参与 (Happiness and Religion Attendance)
happiness3幸福感与婚姻状态 (Happiness and Marital Status)
horseshoecrabs母鲎数据 (Female Horseshoe Crabs)
ideology政治意识形态、性别与隶属党派 (Political Ideology, Gender and...
impairment心理健康、SES与生活事件 (Mental Impairment, SES and Life...
incontinent个人使用药物后是否失禁 (Whether a Subject Became Incontinent...
independent_test_of_tableIndependent Test of Contingency Table
influence_logit_sasLogistic Regression Diagnostics of SAS
job_satisfaction1工作满意度调查1 (Survey on Job Satisfaction I)
job_satisfaction2工作满意度调查2 (Survey on Job Satisfaction II)
job_satisfaction3工作满意度调查3 (Survey on Job Satisfaction III)
kyphosis_age是否出现驼背与以月计算的年龄 (Whether Kyphosis is Present and...
larynx_cancer喉癌治疗中手术与放疗的对比 (Comparing Radiation Therapy with...
lungcancer_treatment小细胞肺癌治疗 (Small-cell Lung Cancer Treatment)
malformation饮酒与胎儿畸形 (Alcohol Use and Infant Malformation)
marijuana高中毕业生的酒、香烟、大麻的使用情况 (Alcohol, Cigarette, and...
marital_happiness婚姻幸福与家庭收入 (Marital Happiness and Family Income)
MBtest1Myers-Briggs人格测验1 (Myers-Briggs Personality Test I)
MBtest2Myers-Briggs人格测验2 (Myers-Briggs Personality Test II)
MBtest3Myers-Briggs人格测验3 (Myers-Briggs Personality Test III)
merit_pay_race绩效工资与种族 (Merit Pay and Race)
missing_persons伦敦失踪人口 (Missing Persons in London)
oddsratioCalculate Odds Ratio
osteosarcoma非转移骨肉瘤 (Nonmetastatic Osteosarcoma)
premarital_sex1婚前性行为1 (Premarital Sex I)
premarital_sex2婚前性行为2 (Premarital Sex II)
promotion_race晋升能力与种族 (Promotion Ability and Race)
psych_diag_drugs精神病诊断与药物处方 (Psychiatric Diagnosis and Drugs...
rabbit_penicillin兔子与青霉素 (Rabbits and Penicillin)
race_party政党认同与种族 (Party Identification and Race)
religious_belief受教育程度与宗教信仰 (Highest Degree of Education and...
samplesize_propCalculate Sample Size for Comparing Two Proportions
smoking_cd吸烟与冠心病死亡 (Smoking and Coronary Deaths)
smoking_lungcancer肺癌与吸烟之间的关系 (Link Between Lung Cancer and Smoking)
smoking_lungcancer_cn中国的吸烟与肺癌数据 (Smoking and Lung Cancer in China)
smoking_mi吸烟状态与心肌梗死 (Smoking Status and Myocardial Infarction)
snoring_heartdisease打鼾与心脏病 (Snoring and Heart Disease)
teenager_crime使得青少年犯罪增加的因素 (Factors that Increase Teenager...
teen_sex青少年与性行为 (Teenagers and Sexual Intercourse)
temperature_distress飞行温度与是否受热遇险 (Temperature and Whether at Least One...
throat手术后喉咙痛 (Sore Throat after Surgery)
toxicity怀孕老鼠与发育毒性研究 (Pregnant Mice and Developmental...
traincollisions英国的火车事故 (British Train Accidents over Time)
treatment1治疗中心、治疗方案与响应1 (Clinic, Treatment and Response I)
treatment2治疗中心、治疗方案与响应2 (Clinic, Treatment and Response II)
treatment3治疗中心、治疗方案与响应3 (Clinic, Treatment and Response...
UCBAdmissions加州大学伯克利分校研究生录取 (Graduate Admissions at the...
UFAdmissions佛罗里达大学的研究生入学 (Graduate Admissions at the...
white_black_acceptance白人对于黑人的接受度 (The Acceptance of Blacks by Whites)
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