Man pages for johnnybonney/sales.taxes
Analyze Changes in Sales Taxes

add_tr_countCollapse data while adding treatment count variable.
balance_panel_dataBalance panel data.
combine_scanner_dataFunction to combine Nielsen scanner data.
create_pseudo_controlCreate pseudo-control observations for event-study plots
es_price_applicationMake event study graphs for prices (temporary file)
helloHello, World!
keep_best_selling_productsKeep only best-selling product modules
make_fixed_weightsCreate weights based on a fixed time period
merge_tax_ratesMerge tax rates (county-product level)
merge_treatmentMerge treatment onto county-level sales data.
months_to_quartersAggregate monthly data to quarterly data
normalize_priceNormalize prices
one_cty_one_prodAnalyze outcome for one county, one product
price_applicationMake event study graphs for prices (temporary file)
remove_time_trendsRemove time trends
residualize_outcomeFunction to residualize out covariates from a given dataset.
sales_applicationMake event study graphs for sales (temporary file)
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