The main purpose of this package is to provide tools to process ecological fluxes. This includes soil/stem gas flux (CO2, CH4, and N2), sap flux, and changes in hydrology.


This package is only available via GitHub. To install run the following lines install.packages('devtools'); devtools::install_github('jpshanno/ecoflux')

Gas Flux

The function efflux provides an interactive way to clean data and fit a regression. It is especially useful for soil gas flux measurements from manual syringe sampling or automated systems such as the PP Systems EGM-4. It can be demoed with a sample data set here.

The function conc_to_flux allows for easy conversion from change in chamber concentration to gas or carbon flux from the soil or stem surface.

Sap Flux

The methods laid out in Pataki (2011) for scaling sap flux to whole-tree sap flow when the sapwood depth extends beyond the length of the sap-flux probe is available in pataki_flow.


The functions read_xle and read_and_convert_xle allow you to directly import levellogger and barologger data from Solinst loggers.

Selected Other Functions

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