Man pages for kcucchi/rPrior
generation of regionalized prior pdfs from multiple types of data using a Bayesian hierarchical framework

cap_priorcalculates the prior according to the Carsel and Parrish...
df_wwhypda_KHydraulic conductivity values from wwhypda
generalFromMeasgeneral prior from measurements
generalFromMeas_transgeneral prior from measurements
getDataextract data from wwhypda database
goodness_of_fittests goodness of fit to normal distribution
johnson_lnlog transform
johnson_sblog ratio transform
johnson_suhyperbolic arcsine transform
KL_divergenceKullback-Leibler divergence
KS_distanceKolmogorov-Smirnov distance
multiplotmultiplot function
normalize_pdfNormalize a pdf
plot_hyperDistplot prior and posterior distribution of hyperparameters
plot_measplot histogram of measurements
plot_rPriorplot general prior
regionalizedregionalized prior from multiple types of site-specific data
smooth_pdfSmooths a pdf
viewInfoview information on wwhypda database, such as list of rock...
wwhypdaConnectextract data from wwhypda database
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