Man pages for kevinrue/tSVE
TVTB: The VCF Tool Box

addCountGenos-methodsAdd count of genotypes to INFO field
addFrequencies-methodsGroup-level genotypes counts and allele frequencies
addOverallFrequencies-methodsOverall genotypes counts and allele frequencies
addPhenoLevelFrequencies-methodsGenotypes and allele frequencies for a given phenotype level
autodetectGenotypesDefine genotypes in the TVTBparam metadata slot
countGenos-methodsCount occurences of genotypes
dropInfo-methodsRemove INFO keys from VCF objects
Genotypes-classGenotypes class objects
pairsInfo-methodsPlot an INFO metric on a genomic axis.
plotInfo-methodsPlot an INFO metric on a genomic axis.
readVcf-methodsRead VCF files
tSVEThe Shiny Variant Explorer (tSVE) web-application
TVTB-packageTVTB: The VCF Tool Box
TVTBParam-classTVTBparam class objects
variantsInSamples-methodsIdentify variants observed in samples
VcfBasicRules-classVCF filters class objects sub-types
VcfFilterRules-classVcfFilterRules class objects
vepInPhenoLevel-methodsVEP predictions of variants observed in samples
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