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Convert a tundraContainer into a dockerized REST server.

Available routes:

HTTP request | endpoint | response -------------|------------------------------|--------- GET/POST | / | "OK" GET/POST | /ping | "pong" GET/POST | /predict (with JSON payload) | serialized output of predict as JSON

You can customize both your server script and your dockerfile if you need additional functionality.


model <- readRDS("path/to/model/object")
build_image(model, "kirillseva/mySuperGlmModel") # use docker hub, default options
build_image(model, "kirillseva/veryCustomized", "",
  "path/to/dockerfile", "path/to/server/script") # custom registry and configs

By default, the server will listen on port 8103. You can run it as following: docker run -p 8103:8103 kirillseva/mySuperGlmModel

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