Man pages for kryberg-USGS/seawaveQ
U.S. Geological Survey seawaveQ model

cenScatPlotScatter plot of water-quality data
combineDataCombine water-quality sample data and continuous ancillary...
compwaveconvSeasonal Wave Computation
cqwMoRivOmahaContinuously monitored (daily) data for 06610000 Missouri...
examplecavdatExample continuous ancillary variable data.
examplecavmatExample continuous ancillary variable matrix.
examplecdatsubExample water-quality data.
examplecentmpExample logical vector.
exampleclogExample of logarithmically transformed concentration data.
exampleqwcolsExample data indicators.
examplestparsExample matrix for internal use.
exampletndlinExample numeric vector used internally.
exampletndlinprExample numeric vector used internally.
exampletseasExample numeric vector used internally.
exampletseasprExample numeric vector used internally.
exampletyrExample numeric vector used internally.
exampletyrprExample numeric vector used internally.
fitModInternal function that fits the seawaveQ model.
fitswavecavFit seasonal wave and continuous ancillary data for trend...
IllRivValleyCtyWater-quality data for 05586100 Illinois River at Valley...
prepDataPrepares concentration data and continuous ancillary data
qwMoRivOmahaWater-quality data for 06610000 Missouri River at Omaha,...
rosBoxPlotBoxplot of water-quality data
seawaveQ-packageA model and utilities for analyzing trends in chemical...
seawaveQPlotsInternal function that generates plots of data and model...
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