Man pages for kyleengel/btclearn
Bitcoin Trading with Machine Learning

btclearn_table-classAn S4 class to represent "btclearn" table configuration...
check_if_schema_existsCheck if a schema exists
check_if_ssh_is_runningCheck if SSH is running
check_if_table_existsCheck if a table exists
check_if_user_is_on_sshCheck if user is connected via SSH
close_conn_to_mysql_serverClose a MySQL connection
collect_gdax_dataCollect GDAX market data
create_all_tables_from_configurationsCreates tables based on yaml configuration files
cryptowatch_config_from_fileRead yaml API configurations into a 'gdax_api_configurations'...
cryptowatch_configurations-classAn S4 class to represent cryptowatch configuration...
database_tables_from_fileRead yaml database configurations into a...
de_duplicate_tableDe-duplicate a table
default_conn_to_mysql_serverCreate default connection to mysql server
dim_tableGet the size of a table
drop_schemaDrop a schema
drop_tableDrop a table
format_gdax_market_datumFormat raw GDAX data
gdax_api_configurations-classAn S4 class to represent GDAX configuration information
gdax_config_from_fileRead yaml API configurations into a 'gdax_api_configurations'...
gdax_market_datum-classAn S4 class to represent GDAX market data
get_all_schema_namesGet all schema names
get_all_table_namesGet all table names
get_gdax_market_datumGet the last trade on GDAX
get_local_ipGet Local IP address
get_most_recent_ip_from_fileGet most recent IP from central file
get_order_bookGet order book data
get_public_ipGet the user's public ip
get_ssh_usersGet list of connected SSH users
get_tablePull data from a table
insert_market_datum_to_tableWrite market data to a table
nuke_btclearn_databaseNuke the whole database
parse_raw_order_bookParse raw order book data from '' API
populate_lookup_tablesCreate or update lookup tables
run_queryRun a query
tables_from_yaml_dataConvert database yaml data into a list of 'btclearn_table'...
update_public_ip_fileWrite public IP information to a standard file
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