Man pages for lbusett/sprawl
Spatial Processing (in) R: Amorphous Wrapper Library

add_scale_colouradd a scale_colour palette to a ggplot
add_scale_filladd a scale_fill palette to a ggplot
areColorscheck if an array represents 'R' colors
cast_rastautomatic recasting between Raster object and raster files on...
cast_vectcast a vector object to a different 'R' spatial class or to a...
change_fileextchange file extension
check_proj4stringCheck the validity of the input projection
convert_rastdtypeconvert data type between 'raster' and 'gdal' conventions
create_fishnetCreate a "fishnet" vector over the extent of a spatial object
create_virtrastcreate a GDAL vrt file starting from a 'Raster' object
crop_rastcrop a raster file/rast_file on a given extent
crop_vectcrop a vector on the extent of a different spatial file
cuttails_rastremove outliers from a raster image
datetodoyConvert dates to DOYs
dissolve_vectdissolve attributes of a vector and aggregate its table
doytodateconvert DOYs to dates
er_pointshelper for 'extract_rast" for points extraction
er_polygonsextract raster data on polygons (helper for extract_rast)
extract_rastextract raster values on features of a vector
fillpalscreate list of valid fill palettes
find_commandfind the path to a specified command
find_gdalfind main folder of gdal installation
get_boundariesDownload vector of administrative boundaries from GADM
get_extentreturn the extent of a spatial object or file (with...
get_proj4stringreturn the proj4string of a spatial object or file
get_projunitsRetrieve projection units
get_rastinfoRetrieve useful info from a raster object or file
get_raststatsRetrieve statistics about value of a raster object
get_rastypeCheck in the input is a 'Raster' object or raster file
get_spatypecheck the "spatial type" of an object or file
get_vectypecheck the "spatial type" of an object or file
mask_rastMask a raster based on a vector
migrate_virtrastmigrate "virtual rasters" to a new location
plot_rastquick plot for a raster based on level_plot
plot_rast_ggPlot a map based on a 'raster' object using ggplot
plot_rasthistplot the frequency histogram of values of a raster
plot_vectplot a map based on a 'vector' object using 'ggplot::geom_sf"
read_rastread a raster file from disk
read_vectread a vector spatial file to R
recategorize_rastreclassify values of a raster
reproj_extentreproject the extent of a spatial object
reproj_rastReproject a raster "R" object or file
reproj_vectReproject a vector "R" object or file
select_extentInteractively select an extent
setClasseshelper to set classes on package loading
setinfo_rastadd 'info' attribute to a raster object
set_rastlabelsAssign labels and plotting colors to a categorical raster
sprawlextsprawlext class
sprawl_initclusterinitialize clustered processing on multiband raster
standardise_rastGenerate a standardised raster
summarize_datahelper function used to extract statistics of raster values...
write_shapeWrite a 'sf' or 'sp' to a ESRI shapefile
write_vector_to_pgreswrite a spatial table to a PostGIS db table
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