Man pages for lehmansociology/lehmansociology
Tools for Sociology Students Using R

add_marginalsAdd marginals Add requested marginals to the table
create_educ_poverty_dataExtract and merge data
crosstabFunction for creating a crosstabs
get_swirl_nameGet the swirl name for the current user
inverselogitFunction for calculating an inverse logit
load_lehman_dataFunction for reading data from AWS S3 storage
logitFunction for calculating a logit
makePercentTableFunction for creating a crosstabs
meltHMDdataFunction preprocessing for making population...
MODEFunction for calculating the mode
my_swirl_progressFunction for showing progress in swirl
populationPyramidFunction for creating a population pyramid
preprocess_multidimensional_tablesPreprocess multidimensional tables This converts...
pretty_freqPrint a frequency nicely in PDF or HTML
pretty_tabPrint a crosstab nicely in PDF or HTML
print.crosstabPrint crosstab results from crosstab()
print.frequencytablePrint Frequencytable results from frequency()
readMyDataRead My Data
replaceCommasReplace Commas Function
sdpThe "population" standard deviation
summary.crosstabSummary for crosstab results from crosstab()
variationVariation Function
varpThe "population" variance
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