Man pages for leppott/baytrendsX
Long Term Water Quality Trend Analysis

analysisOrganizeDataAnalysis Organization & Data Preparation
closeOutDocument Processing Time and Other Session Time
dataCensoredTable: Sample Chesapeake Bay Program Data, 1985-2015
flwAveragePredFlow Averaged Predictions
gamDiffCompute an estimate of difference based on GAM results
gamPlotDispPlot censored gam fits vs. time
gamTestPerform GAM analysis
layerLukupTable: Layer lookup list
loadDataLoad/Clean CSV and TXT Data File
loadExcelLoad/Clean Excel sheet
parameterListTable: List of valid parameters for CBP trend analysis
saveDFSave R object to disk
selectDataSelect data for analysis from a larger data frame
stationMasterListTable: Chesapeake Bay Program long-term monitoring stations
usgsGagesTable: Core USGS gages for CBP trend analyses
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