Man pages for lpwgit/sampleCont
Sample Contamination

circos_linkA modified circos plot from OmicCircos package
filterByCovFilter mutation by coverage
filterCommonSNPsFilter SNPs base on coefficient of variant
filterMultiSourcesFilter multisource contamination
inputDataRead in data from a given file
is_scalar_characterCheck for scalar argument This function checks for user's...
mixingRatioCalculate contamination level
multipleSourceIdentify true source from multi source contamination
numMutationperSampleCount number of SNPs in each sample
pairCountPointCount number of SNPs in 7 regions of a given pair of sample
pairPCommonPairwise Sample Function
pairRelationDetermine potential contamination relationship between paired...
plot_circos_linkPlot circos with links to show contaminated pairwise sample
regionCountMutationCount number of mutation in 7 regions of variant allele...
run_sampleContaminationMain function to run sample contamination analysis
setParameterConfigSet parameter with information from configuration file
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