Man pages for lpwgit/sampleCont
Sample Contamination

circos_linkA modified circos plot from OmicCircos package
filterByCovFilter mutations by coverage
filterCommonSNPsFilter mutations base on coefficient of variant
filterMultiSourcesFilter multisource contamination
inputDataRead in data from a given file
is_scalar_characterCheck for scalar argument This function checks for user's...
mixingRatioCalculate contamination level
multipleSourceIdentify true source from multisource contamination
numMutationperSampleCount number of SNPs in each sample
pairCountPointCount number of SNPs in 7 regions of a given pair of sample
pairPCommonPairwise Sample Function
plot_circos_linkPlot circos with links to show contamination samples
regionCountMutationCount number of mutation in 7 regions of variant allele...
run_sampleContaminationMain function to run sample contamination analysis
setParameterConfigSet parameters base on configuration file
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