Man pages for lschmitz/retina
Tools for retinal plotting and analysis

add_degreesAdd Degrees
cartesian_rotationCounterclockwise rotation about the origin
composite_mapMake a Composite Map
compute_rotation_matrixCompute rotation matrix
coordinate_IJImageJ Coordinate Conversion
count_to_rhoConvert count to Density
degreesConversion from Radians to Degrees
dss_retistruct_processingRetistruct Wrapper
fit_error_histogramSingle Tps Fit Error Plot
fit_plot_azimuthalPolar Interpolation
fit_plotsRetinal Krig Fit Plots
getDssRemovedConstructor for RecontructedDataset object *EDITED
map_compositesComposite two Retinal Map Matrices
map_vec_sumCompute the matrix sum of multiple retinas
mat_from_ret_objExtract a matrix from a retinal object
Ntae_381Ntae_381 Retinal object
optimal_rotationOptimal rotation (for min_err) for rotation error matrix...
plot_from_MATPlot from matrix
plot_rotation_optimizePlot rotation optimization scatter plot with minima.
Pmol_752Pseudodax 752 Retinal object
Pmol_753Pseudodax 753 Retinal object
polynomial_vs_lambdaPolynomial vs Lambda Visualization
range_lenDistance between the range
reef_fishReef Fish
reflect_across_vertical_lineReflect matrix across vertical axis
reorder_columnsReorder columns by function
retinal_arclen' Retinal Perimeter Estimation (spherical assumption)
retina_objectRetinal Object Construction
retinaplotRetina Plot
rotation_optimizeRotation error measurement for two similar retinal maps.
semi_ellipse_perimeterHalf ellipse perimeter approximation (ellipsoid assumption)
sphere_visualizeSpherical Plot visualization Uses retistruct to create...
spherical_coordsImageJ and Retistruction of Input Retinal Data from Flattened...
spline.polyPolygon Spline Fit
ssite_mergeMerge Sampling Site location and Counting Frame counts.
vector_retina_compositeGenerate a retinal composite
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