Man pages for luizassis/wtsps.R
An R client for handling processing of remote sensing time series

Algorithm-classWrapper function Algorithm
applyAlgorithmAssign Algorithm parameters to an Algorithm object
cancelProcessReturns a Process status in a WTSPS server URL
describeAlgorithmReturns an Algorithm Class in a WTSPS server URL queried by...
getAlgorithmsReturns the WTSPS object's algorithms
getCommandReturns a Process status
getDescriptionReturns algorithm description
getInputParametersReturns Algorithm parameters
getNameReturns an Algorithm name
getOutputReturns algorithm output
getServerURLReturns the WTSPS object's server URL
getStatusReturns a Process status
getUuidReturns a Process id
listAlgorithmsReturns the WTSPS object's algorithms
managePermissionsExecutes a Process status in a WTSPS server URL
parametrizeAlgorithmCheck Algorithm parameters of a running Process object
parseJsonResponseParse a JSON response
parseResponseParse a response
Process-classWrapper function Process
runProcessExecutes a Process command in a WTSPS server URL
sendHttpRequestSend a HTTP request
sendRequestSend a HTTP request
statusProcessReturns a Process status in a WTSPS server URL
User-classWrapper function User
WTSPS-classWrapper function WTSPS
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