Man pages for marcellodo/StatMatch
Statistical Matching

comb.samplesStatistical Matching of data from complex sample surveys
comp.propCompares two distributions of categorical variables
create.fusedCreates a matched (synthetic) dataset
fact2dummyTransforms a categorical variable in a set of dummy variables the Frechet bounds of cells in a contingency table...
Frechet.bounds.catFrechet bounds of cells in a contingency table
gower.distComputes the Gower's Distance
harmonize.xHarmonizes the marginal (joint) distribution of a set of...
mahalanobis.distComputes the Mahalanobis Distance
maximum.distComputes the Maximum Distance
mixed.mtcStatistical Matching via Mixed Methods
NND.hotdeckDistance Hot Deck method.
pBayesPseudo-Bayes estimates of cell probabilities
pw.assocPairwise association measure between categorical variables
RANDwNND.hotdeckRandom Distance hot deck.
rankNND.hotdeckRank distance hot deck method.
samp.AArtificial data set resembling EU-SILC survey
samp.BArtificial data set resembling EU-SILC survey
samp.CArtificial data set resembling EU-SILC survey
StatMatch-packageStatistical Matching or Data Fusion
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