Man pages for markdumke/shinybutterfly
Visualizing Butterfly Sightings with Shiny

add_rectangles_from_listAdd Rectangles from list to Leaflet Map.
aggregate_daysAggregate dates in intervals
center_of_rectangleWhere is the center of a rectangle?
create_rasterCreate raster of rectangles based on map bounds
extract_coordinatesExtract coordinates from string
get_altitudeGet altitude from coordinates
get_date_infoGet date information (year, month, mday, yday)
get_geographic_dataGet geographic information for coordinates
get_geo_infoGet geographic information for coordinates
get_tk25Get TK25 information.
in_which_rectangles_are_pointsIn which rectangles are any points?
is_input_emptyIs input empty?
launch_applicationLaunch Shiny App
make_htmlMake valid html link or path to image
make_popup_sightingsMake popup of last sightings
point_in_rectangleIs point included in rectangle?
point_in_rectangle_helperIs point in rectangle (helper function)
rectangle_inside_boundsCheck if rectangle inside map bounds.
select_choicesUpdate SelectInput choices conditioned on other inputs
shinybutterflyVisualizing Butterfly Sightings with Shiny
species_in_rectangleWhich species are in an rectangle recorded?
which_points_are_in_rectangleWhich points are in rectangle?
which_rectangleIn which rectangle are any points?
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