Man pages for marwinzuefle/telescope
Hybrid Multi-Step-Ahead Forecasting

AnomalyDetectionVecAnomaly Detection Using Seasonal Hybrid ESD Test
calcClustersForPeriodsCalculates the Clusters for Periods
calcFrequencyPeriodogramCalcuates the Frequency of the Time Series
computeMASECompute MASE
computeMASEsameValueCompute MASE for same value
doANNApply ANN
doArimaApply Arima
doXGB.trainXGBoost Model Training
estimateBoosterEstimating the boosting method
extract.infoExtract time series information
fittingModelsFitting the Model of the Trend
forecastClustersForecast the Clusters
forecast.seasonForecasting Season
forecast.trendForecasting Trend
guessFrequencyPeriodogramGuess the Frequency of the Time Series
has.highRemainderChecking Remainder
IPRInter Percentile Range
removeAnomaliesRemove the Anomalies
save.csvSave as CSV
telescope.forecastPerform the Forecast
testTrendTest the Signifcant of Trend
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