Man pages for mathieu-lemire/celluloid_0.11
CELLULOID: tumour cellularity and ploidy tool

addLabelsAdd labels to a plot.
annotateSegmentsAdds annotations to a segment data.frame
arInSegEstimate the proportion of copies of chromosomes that have...
ARlohExpected allelic ratio in a LOH region
celluloid-packageCELLULOID: cellularity and ploidy tool
coverParamSpaceSearch for a fit between observed peaks and expected peaks.
eoDistTotal distance between observed and (closest) expected peaks.
ePeakPosExpected peak positions
estimateLOHcurveFunction to estimate LOH curve
gcCorrectCorrection for GC content
getLocalSolutionsPrune output of coverParamSpace
intersectSegmentsIntersect two segment data.frames
peakProximityObjective function
plotModelPeaksAdd expected peak locations
plotSegmentPlot segments
prepARCalculate expected allelic ratios
prepCNAllowed copy number values in each clones
prepCopyArCreate copyAr object.
removePeaksRemove peaks from data.frame
scaleReadCountsScale read counts
scaleSegmentsScale segment data.frame
segmentARFunction to segment allelic ratio data
segmentSeqDataCopy number segmentation
selectPeaksSelect peaks from a showTumourProfile graph.
showTumourProfileDisplay the copy-number profile of the tumour.
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