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Map Species, Trees and Topography

add_spRepresent species with points.
contour_elevRepresent elevation with lines. Map Species, Trees and Topography
headersPre-made headers.
hideHide elements of a plot.
label_elevLabel elevation lines.
limit_gx_gySet the map limits.
map_gx_gy_elevMap a base over which other map components can later be...
maply_quadMap trees within a quadrat.
maply_sp_elevMap species and elevation data.
maply_tagMap tree tags by status, showing four subquadrats per...
paginateLabel the four divisions of a quadrat - each with four...
pipePipe operator
plot.fgeo_habitatPlot objects of class "fgeo_habitat".
suffix_edge_tagSuffix tags of dead stems that map beyond the quadrat's edge.
vft_1quadSmall ViewFullTables from Luquillo.
wrapFacet data by a variable, and wrap multiple plots to fit a...
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