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Package description

This package has a few miscellaneous functions useful to me, and which might be useful to others. It will be added to over time, and likely will have functions from all over the place as far as utility is concerned. Nothing extraordinarily unique is here at present, more or less tweaks/variations of available R functions that do almost what I want, but not quite. Also, I wanted to learn more about building packages, and this was my first foray into that world. The package itself is not on CRAN but would pass CRAN checks. Feel free to note issues if you use it.

It is currently undergoing quite a bit of change and many functions are deprecated, as they have been moved to tidyext and visibly. This package will be more of a grab-bag of odds and ends that don’t seem to fit elsewhere.

I was listening to Lazerhawk at one point while creating it, hence the name, and which I can suggest is decent to listen to for programming, but to each their own in that regard.


The usual GitHub installation. devtools package required.




A function I use when creating reports for other people that involve models using the brms package.

create_adjacency, create_edges

Create an adjacency matrix, or use one to create an edge list.


A function to create a correlation matrix. Useful, for example, in setting up simulations.


A very specific function for extracting heterogenous variances from nlme output.

lower_tri, upper_tri

Return a triangular matrix, with some options on what specifically is returned.


Apply an arbitrary function to pairwise combinations of rows or columns.





For R Markdown files, inserts <img ...> with centered options filled in.


For R Markdown files, inserts <span class=''>.

Release Notes

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