package for processing game management data from drive counts

What is a problem?

Problem is connected with distributions of data from drive counts - it is not well estimated using simple arthemtic mean, due to many zero values and non-normal distributions. Thus, several modifications of calculation s are adapted to improve estimation of total game population. ... TBA

Who prepared this solution?

The package is developed by Department of Game Management and Forest Protection, Faculty of Forestry, PoznaƄ University of Life Sciences with the cooperation with Institute of Dendrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences


The project is an effect of cooperation within Department... TBA

How to use it?

now package is tested in the Department to imrove its functioning, thus manual is not available yet. If you are intrested in this topic, contact us;)

TODO list:

  1. Improve graphic output - make it more gently;)
  2. Adapt long-data format to English
  3. Prepare extended functions documentation

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