Man pages for mlgiordano1/MGBudgetPkg

budgetFileNamesDESC: standardizes names...users likely do not need
getBudgetDESC: get the local or global budget for the year/month...
getMonthOrYearDESC: pulls the month or year from string
getTransactionsDESC: Heavy lifter. Gets transactions from the cleaned TX...
helloHello, World!
makeTablesDESC: DEPRICATED?! should delete
plotIncomeVsSpendingDESC: Plots Income and Spending faceted over month
putAllTxTogetherTakes raw TX from 3 accts and processes into one uniform df
read_all_txDESC: DEPRICATED! use getTransactions
recodingTransactionsDESC: Centralized recoding procedure
runAllProcesses all transactions and writes a report
saveTransactionsDESC: Unified way to save transactions...dates/files need to...
summariseTxDESC: Takes a df of cleaned transactions and summarises over...
writeReport2DESC: Write a .rmd report from transactions
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