Man pages for mucun1988/dmdFrcstr
Automactic Demand Forecast

cal_wkly_mu_sdCompute the weekly mean and standard deviation based on...
df_for_plottingMerge history and forecast for plotting.
dmdFrcstMake demand forecast based on the model and future dates...
fourier_seriesProvides Fourier series components with the specified...
helloHello, World!
make_all_seasonality_featuresDataframe with seasonality features.
make_future_dtMake dataframe with future dates for forecasting
make_holiday_featuresConstruct a matrix of holiday features.
make_seasonality_featuresData frame with seasonality features.
plot_errorPlot the discrepancy
plot_forecastPlot the prophet forecast.
plot_holidaysPlot the holidays component of the forecast.
plot_trendPlot the prophet trend.
plot_weeklyPlot the weekly component of the forecast.
plot_yearlyPlot the yearly component of the forecast.
predict_seasonal_componentsPredict seasonality broken down into components.
prophet_plot_componentsPlot the components of a prophet forecast. Prints a ggplot2...
setup_dataframePrepare dataframe for fitting or predicting.
trnsfrmApply f to each entry of x conditionally and fill with NA for...
whereApply a boolean function to each entry of x
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