Man pages for muschellij2/gifti
Reads in Neuroimaging 'GIFTI' Files with Geometry Information

convert_binary_datatypeConvert Binary Data Type
convert_endianConvert Endian from GIFTI
convert_intentConvert Intent
create_data_matrixCreate Data Matrix
data_array_attributesData Array Attributes
data_decoderArray Data Decoder
data_encoderArray Data Encoder
decompress_giiDecompress Gzipped GIFTI (with extension .gz)
download_gifti_dataDownload GIFTI Test Data
gifti_listConvert GIFTI to List
gifti_map_valueMap Values to Triangles from GIFTI
have_gifti_test_dataCheck Presence of GIFTI Test Data
is.giftiTest if GIFTI
readgiiRead GIFTI File
surf_trianglesMake Triangles from GIfTI Image
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