Lesion to Symptom Mapping (R toolbox)

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What does it do

Takes lesion maps and cognitive performance scores from patients with stroke, and maps the brain areas responsible for the cognitive deficit.


The quickest way to install is:

if (! 'devtools' %in% installed.packages()) install.packages('devtools')

This will install all the dependencies, including ANTsR (may take one hour on some computers). Here is the video of the installation process. If it doesn't work, check out the more detailed installation instructions.

Test the installation

Check these examples to make sure LESYMAP is working properly.



# All functions have appropriate documentation. Start by typing

# run an example analyses using data provided with lesymap
22:14:19 Running LESYMAP 
22:14:19 Checking a few things...
22:14:19 Loading behavioral data...131 scores found.
22:14:20 Filenames as input, checking lesion values on 1st image...
22:14:22 Searching voxels lesioned >= 10% subjects...326828 found
22:15:20 Computing unique patches...
22:15:58 Found 195102 patches in 326828 voxels - 1.7 times more voxels
22:15:58 Using existing lesion matrix... 131x195102
22:15:58 Running analysis: BMfast ...
22:16:02 Correcting p-values: fdr ...
22:16:02 Preparing images...
22:16:03 Logging call details...
22:16:03 Done! 1.7 mins 
Hit <Return> to see next plot: 

Check out how this example looks on the screen.


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Package under development, the behavior of some functions may change.

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