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title_fr <- "Analyse de données de composition et identification des altérations géochimiques des matériaux céramiques : le cas des productions d’un atelier ibérique (Teruel, Espagne ; IIe-Ier siècles avant J.-C.)"
title_en <- "Alterations of ceramic materials: compositional data analysis of an Iberian workshop (Teruel, Spain; 2nd-1st c. BC)"


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This repository contains the data and code for our paper (in french):

Frerebeau, N., Ben Amara, A. et Cantin, N. (2020). r title_fr. Archéosciences, revue d'Archéométrie, 44(1), p. 33-50. DOI :

The files hosted in this repository are the development versions and may have changed since the paper was published.

How to cite

Please cite this compendium as:

Frerebeau, N., Ben Amara, A. and Cantin, N. (r format(Sys.Date(), "%Y")). Compendium of R code and data for "r title_en". Accessed r format(Sys.Date(), "%d %b %Y"). Online at


Text and figures: CC-BY-4.0.

Code: see the DESCRIPTION file.

Datasets: CC-BY-4.0.

How to download or install

You can download the compendium as a zip from from this URL.

Or you can install this compendium as an R package, TaphoCeram, from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

To download the package source as you see it on GitHub, for offline browsing, use this line at the shell prompt (assuming you have Git installed on your computer):

{sh, eval=FALSE} git clone


Once the download is complete, open the TaphoCeram.Rproj in RStudio to begin working with the package and compendium files.

The analysis/ directory contains:

The R/ directory contains the custom R functions used in this project. Datasets (in RDA format) are located in the data/ directory.


The original manuscript was produced with R 3.6.3. See the DESCRIPTION file for a full list of the packages that this project depends on, including the suggested packages.

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