Man pages for nicholas-vogt/nevR

helloHello, World!
msu_paletteMichigan State University Color Palette
nev_clean_stringsRemove punctuation and convert to title case.
nev_clean_strings_Clean each element of a character vector.
nev_colorizeApply Custom Colors
nev_diagonalize_textMake text diagonal.
nev_hide_legendOmit Legend
nev_make_transparentMake plot background transparent.
nev_remove_punctRemove punctuation from single-element character vector.
nev_save_plotSave plot to directory.
nev_stripStrip string
nev_striplStrip characters from left side of string.
nev_striprStrip characters from right side of string.
nev_to_titleConvert character vector to title case
nev_to_title_Convert single-element character vector to title case.
nev_wrap_df_textWrap text with newline throughout data.frame.
nev_wrap_textWrap text with newline.
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