Man pages for nistara/eidithR
Parse Eidith Test Data

eidith_parseThe eidith data parse function
pr_coinfectionsCoinfections in the data
pr_combVirusesTabulation of the various viruses found, and the combinations...
pr_indTestsPositive test-types Tabular form of individual tests that...
pr_indVirusesViruses in data Tabluar form of which viruses we found (and...
pr_mapAggMap to visualize aggregate sampling numbers
pr_mapSiteMap with sitename name, numbers sampled and positive
pr_mapSiteAggMap with toggle option for site info and aggregate numbers
pr_numNumber of unique animalIDs
pr_posTestsPositive test type combinations
pr_sitesBreakdown of which sites had animals that tested positive or...
pr_speciesBreakdown of which sampled species were positive or negative.
pr_testsuitesTable of suite of tests conducted
pr_timelineSampling timeline - breaks the down to year and month, and...
save_mapSave created maps
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