Man pages for novodex/KoboAnalyser
KoboAnalyser, data discovery and analysis for data collected through the KoboToolbox.

format_siFormat axis label
kobo_analysisGenerate the analysis
kobo_analysis_planImport the data analysis plan from the XLS form
kobo_anonymiseGenerate anonymised dataset
kobo_arrange_variablenameReplace / or : in variable name in order to use the...
kobo_bar_multiGenerate bar Chart - frequency - for select_multiple...
kobo_bar_multi_facetGenerate frequency bar chart for select_multiple variable
kobo_bar_oneGenerate bar Chart - frequency - for select_one questions
kobo_bar_one_facetGenerate faceted frequency bar chart
kobo_boxplot_facetGenerate histogramm plots based on dates
kobo_consolidateoneMerge disagregated select_one variable
kobo_correlationGenerate histogramm plots based on dates
kobo_datasetsLists the Datasets Available
kobo_datasets2Dataset list
kobo_dicoData dictionnary
kobo_encodeEncode variable
kobo_encode_repeatEncode variable
kobo_formDownload form from the platform
kobo_forminfoGet form attributes
kobo_histoGenerate histograme for all integer questions
kobo_hostSelect server
kobo_labelLabel Variable
kobo_projectconfigProject configuration file
kobo_projectinitAnalysis project initiation
kobo_reportGenerate the analysis
kobo_shinyShiny app launcher
kobo_surveynameExtract Survey name from XlsForm
kobo_text_cloudtext Could
kobo_trendGenerate histogramm plots based on dates
kobo_weightWeight the data
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